Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIAW, What I Ate Monday...

I actually captured all my eats from one day this week. My WIAW post is about what I ate on Monday.

Breakfast at my desk at work was honey Greek yogurt with chia seeds and a peanut butter cookie Luna Bar. I think this is my favorite Luna Bar ever. Even better than chocolate peppermint stick. I kinda think the chia seeds look like little bugs on my yogurt, but I assure you they were not.

Lunch was an assortment. PB&J, sun chips, carots, prunes, cheese and pistachios for a snack. Carson loves that I buy the colorful sandwich bags.

After making a trip to the grocery store after work, since I was too lazy to go yesterday, dinner was fake chicken nuggets, steamed Brussels sprouts and potato wedges from Target. I think Brussels sprouts are becoming my favorite vegetable right now. I disappointed myself by not picking up another bag while I was grocery shopping today.

Because I believe meals should end on a sweet note, I had a piece of the yellow cake with chocolate frosting I made on Saturday.

It was a yummy day. I really need to cook something new this week. I feel like I am eating the same old things over and over. I must say that I am very disappointed that Sam's is out of the individual packs of hummus that I love to eat for lunch almost every day. I get hooked on something and then it goes away. I just hate that.

What did you eat this week?


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  1. Ending your day with something sweet should be mandatory!