Sunday, January 6, 2013

What I Am Listening To...

I love music. With few exceptions, most of the music I love doesn't get much play on the radio stations here in OKC. I listen to alot of NPR in the car, but most of my time at work I am either listening to Pandora or my music on my iPhone.

Here are a few of my most recent discoveries.

I got Hot Fuss by The Killers from my BIL a while ago and I love it, especially Mr. Brightside. I was excited to get their new alum when it came out. My favorites? Flesh and Bone and Ms. Atomic Bomb.

This one is an older one, but t seemed to be in rotation on Pandora so I had to get it. I didn't get the rest of the album, but I might have to.

There seems to be lots of buzz around Mumford & Sons lately. They are up for a Grammy for this abum. I especially like Babel and Reminder.

I bought this Mumford & Sons first, I almost like this album more. My favorites are The Cave, Sigh No More, an After the Storm.

The Lumineers are one of the bands I discovered on Pandora, and apparently there is Grammy buzz for them too. I am sure everyone has heard Ho Hey, but Big Parade is also a good one.

Does anyone else find a new album and then listen to it endlessly on repeat, or is that just me? I rarely listen to music when I run because I am usually running with other people. I have also been very lazy when it comes to updating running music on my iPod, and I hate running with my phone. I am sure I can pull some muic off these albums for my possible Cowtown marathon next month. We shall see.

I am hoping there might be new muic by Wilco, The New Pornographers or The Decemberists, and maybe The Dixie Chicks will get back together. Until then I've got some good new stuff to fill my days.

What are you listening to? Anyone I should add to my list?


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