Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sore Legs and a Date With Carson...

So I survived my 10 mile run this morning. It wasn't pretty, but I averaged a 9 minute pace. I just need to work on starting and finishing at the 9 minute pace. That is my marathon goal pace, but everyone I run with seems to want to run faster than that. I skipped the ice bath because it was only 10 miles and I kind of regret that decision. I ended up putting my compression socks on because my feet and legs were feeling pretty beat up. My quads and hamstrings are going to appreciate hot yoga tomorrow night.

I just have to throw in how jealous I am of all my friends that are running the Disney World Marathon in the morning. I wish I was there with a 2:30 am wake-up call. Runcations are the best.

Camy went skating with a friend tonight so it is just Carson at home. I felt bad about us not doing anything and decided to take her out to dinner. Josh is working on being very conscious of all his calories and decided not to go with us. For our date night we went to Red Robin.

We had a short wait. Carson kept her hoodie on because every time someone came inside they let all the cold air in. It is really windy and very cold tonight.

Carson is not an adventurous eater (READ: super picky) but she was up to trying their new pretzel bites with beer cheese sauce. They were very good. Carson ate over half of them.

Red Robin is not very vegetarian friendly. About the only meat or chicken free item on the menu is the veggie burger, this is what I always get. It is good, and it is huge. I ate about five bites before I had to call it quits.

Carson, she is such a funny girl. She had me laughing the whole time.

As the mother of two 12-year-old girls, I know how precious one on one time is with them. There is nothing better than having them talk openly with me about school, music and their friends. More and more I hold on to these moments of laughter and openness, especially when the times of moodiness and silent treatment seem to happen more and more frequently.

What a great Saturday night.


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